Performance Art For The Business Stage

  • Influencing and Negotiation Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Engaging Customer Relationships

  • Pitching Skills

  • Leadership Presence

Booth Welsh

“Our senior team is now unfazed and well prepared for showcasing the company in the best light which in turn is leading to new business opportunities.”

Booth WelshMartin Welsh, Managing Director, Booth Welsh
Peak Scientific

“We asked Engage Better to coach our people and the benefits were immediate across the business. I highly recommend them for all those wanting to improve in the work place.”

Peak ScientificRobin MacGeachy, MD, Peak Scientific

“This coaching has given me practical insights on how to bring out the best in my own performance – really enjoyable and valuable sessions.”

VShipsJames Muir, Operations Director, VShips

Engage Better

That meeting or presentation is coming up – you’ve done the preparation but how can you make sure you’re at your engaging and compelling best?

Opera and theatre performers know how the mind and body react under pressure and have the tools and techniques to be in control and at their best every time.

Applying performance psychology and physiology employed in opera and theatre, Engage Better empowers people at every level within organisations to communicate naturally as themselves, be more engaging, compelling and confident that they can be at their best whatever their situation.

Our finely honed personal coaching processes empower people – we unlock potential for leaders and teams to be at their best: to communicate better, to connect better and achieve more.

Coaching programmes are carefully tailored to clients’ needs with formats designed specifically to deliver maximum impact – from 1-to-1, small groups through to larger groups of up to 30.

*All our training is personalised to your individual needs

Engage Better Director Coaching

  • Power Pitching and Presentations
  • Mastering Client Relationships
  • Inspiring and Leading
  • Corporate Influencing
  • Securing Succession
  • Hosting and Networking

*All our training is personalised to your individual needs

Engage Better Management Coaching

  • Pitch and Presentation Perfect
  • Sales Power and Client Handling
  • Engaged Teamwork
  • Having a Voice
  • Tactics for Networking

*All our training is personalised to your individual needs

Engage Better Staff Coaching

  • Be at Your Best
  • Having a Voice
  • Client Handling

Caroline Vance

Caroline is an experienced facilitator, coach and trainer, supporting clients for over 20 years across personal impact training, technology and innovation, knowledge management and new venture support.

Alison Barton

Trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to graduate (B.A.) and post graduate level (Opera Performance), Alison was a professional opera singer for 30 years In 2015 Alison graduated from the Open University with a BSc hons (first class) in Psychology, which has informed her approach to teaching and coaching.

Sam Thorogood

Sam is a workshop facilitator, theatre practitioner and performer. He has directed, produced, acted, advertised and written for the stage, with a focus on Physical Theatre, visual storytelling and bold adaptations.

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